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Fastest Hot Wheels

Welcome to FastestHotWheels.com, where we go to great lenghts to find the fastest and coolest Hot Wheels cars on the planet! We put Hot Wheels cars to the test to find the fastest cars on the track. Racing Hot Wheels cars is fun for people of all ages, from kids to adults. It's always exciting to see the cars racing down the track to the finish.

All of the cars we test at Fastest Hot Wheels are completely stock, right out of the box, with no modifications. Most of our race trials are performed on the Hot Wheels Super 6 Lane Raceway, and we perfom several tests from different lanes to see which Hot Wheels cars come out on top.

We take racing Hot Wheels cars seriously. We test all years and all types of Hot Wheels cars to see which are the fastest. From vintage Hot Wheels cars, to brand new Hot wheels cars, we like to see which cars will fly down the track the fastest.

Be sure to have a look through the links on our site to view the coolest cars in our gallery, our racing videos where you can see the fastest cars in action, and the top cars list to see our current fastest Hot Wheels.

When you're headed to the track to race your cars, you want to make sure you bring the fastest Hot Wheels cars you have. Only the cars with good wheel spin, and little to no imperfections around the axles, have a chance to be a winner at the track.

Check out the cars on the next page to see which cars blew away the competion and have been crowned the Fastest Hot Wheels cars by the team at Fastesthotwheels.com!

Disclaimer: FastestHotWheels.com has no affiliation with Hot Wheels. We are simply Hot Wheels enthusiasts, performing our own tests and expressing our own opinions.
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