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Hot Wheels Top 5 Fastest Cars

So you want to know which Hot Wheels cars are the FASTEST?!!! The fastest of the fast?!!! We're here to show you which cars really blew away the competition when we tested them on the track. Here are our current top 5 Fastest Hot Wheels cars, in no particular order. This list is subject to change since we are always finding faster cars. So check back often to see the FASTEST Hot Wheels cars on the planet!

Fastest Hot Wheels Challenge!
Do you have a fast Hot Wheels car that you think can beat some of our FASTEST? Send a picture of your car along with the year and name to FastCars@FastestHotWheels.com. If your car beats all of our cars, we will feature a video of your car and send you a brand new Hot Wheels 6 Lane Raceway! You must be a current subscriber to our YouTube channel to qualify. This challege will go on until a winner is crowned and posted on our site. SUBSCRIBE HERE and GOOD LUCK!

Hot Wheels Super 6 Lane Raceway

Click here to see the Official Rules for the FastestHotWheels.com Racing Challenge.

*In order to be included in the challenge, all cars must be stock Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars that fit on the Hot Wheels 6 lane raceway. New and older castings welcome.

Hot Wheels Ferrari F40
Hot Wheels Hot Tub
Hot Wheels Datsun Bluebird 510
Hot Wheels Dodge Charger Drift
Matchbox 56 Ford Pickup

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