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Hot Wheels Racing Videos

Here are some videos of racing the Fastest Hot Wheels cars. You will see how some of the cars made it to our Fastest Cars page and crowned the Fastest Hot Wheels Cars.

All Hot Wheels cars that we race are stock, right out of the package, with no modifications. We use an extended Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway to race our cars and find the fastest. We race our fastest cars several times against many other cars before crowning our winner.

Check back often. We update our videos section when we find Hot Wheels cars that are really fast on the track.

Enjoy the videos!

Click Here to check out our Star Wars race on YouTube!

For all our Hot Wheels Racing videos, check out our YouTube Channel.

Disclaimer: FastestHotWheels.com has no affiliation with Hot Wheels. We are simply Hot Wheels enthusiasts, performing our own tests and expressing our own opinions.
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