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Find a Fast Hot Wheels Car

When you are standing in front of a huge display of Hot Wheels cars, at a store, flea market, or wherever, how do you know which car is going to be fast on the track? You want to pick the car that is going to blow away the competition, but there are so many to choose from. Which one will be FASTEST?! The only real way to tell is to buy the car and put it on the track, however, through the years we have discovered a few things to look for to increase your chances of picking a fast car. In this section, we are going to share with you what we look for when picking a fast Hot Wheels car.

First, look for cars with a wider wheel track (the area between left and right wheels), giving the car a wider stance. This is especially true if you are racing your car on the Hot Wheels 6 Lane Raceway. We also found this to be true on many other tracks as well. Cars with a wider track tend to stay true to their lane all the way to the finish and run smoother down the track. Sometimes you will see cars with a narrower wheel track fishtail or swerve a bit in their lane on the way down.

Second, look for cars with special (racing) wheels or nickel plated axles. We have had a lot of success with the Hot Wheels Faster Than Ever (FTE) series and the High Speed Racing Wheels (HSRW) series. The FTE cars have the nickel plated axels, as do Hot Wheels Color Shifter cars. These wheels spin smooth and fast, enabling them to race down the track faster than a lot of cars. Also the HSRW cars have the ability to go faster than many mainline cars due to their thin wheel design.

Another thing to look for when picking a fast Hot Wheels car is the weight. This has gone both ways for us, but the majority of the time, the heavy cars with good wheel spin win more races. The ratio of weight is important, so not all heavy cars will be fast, but if you are deciding between two fast cars and one is a bit heavier, usually your best bet is to go with the heavier one.

In general, the cars that are typically faster on the track are: FTE's, HSRW's, funny cars, vans, pickup trucks, metal on metal castings, and heavy mainline's with a wide wheel track and decent aerodynamics. Not all of these cars are fast, but picking one of these usually gives you a better chance. Remember, in stock Hot Wheels racing there are always exceptions! That is what makes racing Hot Wheels cars so much fun! There is always that car that does not meet any of the above criteria and comes out of nowhere and zooms past the rest of the cars on the track! We love finding these cars, and when we do, we let you know!

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